Lift Control Board ALC AYBEY Set Car Serial, Landings Parallel K1

1619,15  NETTO

ALC Lift Control Board Set Car Serial, Landings Parallel K1

Down/Up Collective – 8 Stops
Full Collective – 5 Stops

ALC Series Lift Controllers are designed for most recent
specific requirements of EN 81-20 / 50 standard. ALC Lift
Controller is designed to support both Electric and
Hydraulic Lifts.

General Features ALC:
For Electric and Hydraulic lifts
Operates up to 64 stops
In conformity with EN81-20/50 Standard
Car Serial/Full Serial shaft communication
Group Operation up to 8 Lifts
Remote access control via internet
TR, EN, DE, FR, RU, ES, GR and IT menu languages
Supports two door operations